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Reprogramming your Subconscious

Hypnosis is actually just an altered state of mind like when you are watching TV and zone out rather than staying focused on the TV program. You are still awake, but your thoughts go to another focal point and you may be thinking about something else like, for instance, what you are planning to eat for dinner. Or when you are driving your car and you wonder, "Where have I been for the last 3 miles?" You have been in the altered state we call, "Alpha", and that means you are absent from your everyday, waking conscious state we call, "Beta". The Beta everyday conscious state and Alpha altered state are actually different frequencies just like different radio stations that transmit different frequencies which can be identified as separate radio stations.

Once you are out of your conscious, beta frequencies, and instead into relaxation, you are first in Alpha frequencies which are the same mind frequencies you experience in meditation and deep prayer as well as in hypnosis. When you relax even deeper, you may enter a more relaxed altered state that is called the "Theta" frequencies

We actually use this hypnosis state (Alpha or Theta frequencies) to access a part of your mind that operates off your radar screen. Scientists have not found a specific place in the brain that is called the Subconscious Mind, but the information from the subconscious mind seems to be accessed through the frontal lobe of our brain. Your subconscious mind, (also referred to as your unconscious mind) acts very much like a computer. In fact, it downloads all the information of everything that you have seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted and what your intuition has communicated to you, into something like computer memory files. In addition, every emotion and every expression of all your emotions, thoughts, reactions to stresses, reactions to pleasant things, is also downloaded into your subconscious and stored as files or a series of related files that can be called subconscious programs. Everything is stored like data in your "Subconscious Computer".

When you are in the hypnosis, a very comfortable, relaxed state, you are able to retrieve information that you need in order for you to make positive changes re: how you think, feel, behave and express emotions. Your subconscious mind, if you imagine it as if it were a "Subconscious Computer", may be reprogrammed like an actual computer. But it only takes your suggestions and directions after you have reached the suggestible subconscious state, like the one we use when you are in hypnosis. It is then that your subconscious responds to your directions and completes them as desired. Additionally, we teach you how to motivate your subconscious to follow your directions for things you have requested. Thus, you may target the issue you want to remove or you might target what you want and receive more of the same that you have already, such as happiness or success.

When you communicate to your subconscious, while in the altered state of hypnosis, and communicate about what it is that you want, there is a part of your subconscious that can and does follow your directions to delete whatever you have identified. Or depending upon your goal, since you already might have strong self-confidence without any problem, you can direct your subconscious to make you feel even more self-confidence and it further will strengthen your feelings of self-confidence.

If you need, for instance, to delete a fear, then your subconscious pleases you by deleting the file that has existed within as a Faulty Subconscious Program or File. After it deletes the negative, hurtful file/program, your subconscious, upon your motivating request, will replace the Faulty Subconscious Program(s)/file with whatever positive improvements you have described and communicated.

When you have transitioned into the hypnosis state, you are able to access tremendous amounts of information from the database of your subconscious. Thus, hypnosis gives you a tremendous advantage in understanding what in the past, may have blocked your efforts to attain your goals. Importantly, Reprogramming Hypnosis serves as an outstanding tool for attaining those goals and getting what you want accomplished in a relatively easy, comfortable, time-efficient, enlightening and self-empowering way. Best of all, you learn self-hypnosis within this process and that enables you to deal with future challenges with greater confidence and control. Our Reprogramming Hypnosis System serves you in unlimited ways for a lifetime.

Once you understand how your subconscious mind functions, you will understand its Operating Manual and thus, will be a Director of your subconscious mind for your Highest Good. This is Self-empowerment at its best.


For your first session, your HypnoCounselor learns and helps you clarify your needs and goals.



With your help, your HypnoCounselor creates a personalized script with suggestions supporting your goals and needs.



Your HypnoCounselor will verbalize your goals through hypnotic guided imagery with your pre-approve suggestions.